The disconnecting means for an electric crane or hoist shall be permitted to be located at a remote distribution center supplying that crane or hoist provided it is capable of being locked in the open position and is clearly labeled to describe the connected load.

True ____ False ____ Rule ____


False, Rule 40-008 states -

"Suitable means which will disconnect all ungrounded conductors of the circuit simultaneously shall be:

(a) Provided within sight of the main contact conductors or within sight of the equipment if there are no main contact conductors; and

(b) Accessible and operable from the ground or from the floor over which the equipment operates."

The CEC Code Handbook Intent for this Rule states -

"The Rule intends that the disconnecting means provided for the unit be capable of simultaneously opening all of the ungrounded conductors of the circuit, which feed either the main contact conductors or the unit directly. The location for the disconnect means should be strategically chosen so that it is easy to locate, easy to get to, and easy to reach and operate from the work surface (floor or area) over which the unit is operating. The disconnect means should be in a position where it can be seen from the unit it feeds, and the unit should be visible from the location of the disconnect means. For the purpose of this Rule, the main contact conductors are considered to be an integral part of the unit for the above stipulations.