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#10138 05/31/02 10:30 AM
Joined: Oct 2000
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From the E-Mail Bag:
Being the G C at a job site . When a subcontracted electrician failed to call for an inspection after completion of his rough wiring. And then went on vacation . As the holder of the building permit, I called the electrical inspector for a inspection in XXXXXXX, XXXX. Having been told by the electrical SUB contractor He was ready for said inspection.The inspector told me it was none of my business to call for an inspection , And he wouldn't come out to inspect . What is the proper procedure for replacing this subcontractor and bringing a formal complaint against this inspector ? Being the H I C contractor and licensed construction supervisor responcibel for all activities on said jobsite. Having suffered consideriabel time losses do to the failure of not only the electrical contractor and the electrical inspector at the given site.


#10139 05/31/02 10:39 AM
Joined: Oct 2000
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As a GC you should realize time constraints, as well as deadlines. If in fact,the rough were to be completed ( or contracted to be completed) X-X-02, then the AHJ could have been solicited ahead of time.

Is the responsibility of the AHJ's presence contractual to your electrican?

Is payment determined by this outcome?

#10140 05/31/02 11:51 AM
Joined: May 2001
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Hey Robert feel free to ring in here.

In VA the holder of the bldg permit is responsible for all sub permits, so you would have been able to call for inspection.

Replacing him is a pipe dream, just don't use him again if that is your true wish. Does he do a good job? Are you sure it wasn't a miscommunication? You can probably make a complaint to your licensing bureau, but that's about as far as it will be taken without REALLY messing with your schedule.

I hope that doesn't happen again, we are all aware how construcion is schedule driven, good luck.

#10141 05/31/02 09:41 PM
Joined: Feb 2002
Posts: 38
Ok,,,,there are a few things here to address.
First lets start with your EC,
HE is the one responsible for notification to the AHJ .
2nd . as a rule I don not acccept request from GC's for inspections ( don't get mad yet)
80.19 (F)(1) Upon completion of any installation of electrical equipment that has been made under a permit other than an annual permit, it SHALL BE the duty of the person, firm or corporation making the installation to notify the electrical inspector having jurisdiction , who shall inspect the work within a reasonable time .
( see rule 10 below )

However , there are times and this might be one , where I would go , but with the understanding if it failed , an extra fee would be assesed and untill it was fixed you would have to wait, this would not make for a happy AHJ if the electrician tells him he wasn't ready to begin with.

3rd I would like to know what the Bldg Inspector had to say about this.

the local authority over the AJH would be him or the town manager or council.

what to do ?

1 . hire a new EC have him pull a new permit
2. send a notifacation of termination of the old EC along with a notice for inspection .
certified mail !
after that 527 CMR 12.00 (MEC Amendment)
Rule 10.. says,
Electrical installations shall not be concealed or covered from veiw until inspected by the inspector of wires within and not more than 24 hours for exterior excavations nor more than 72 hours for interior installations after proper
to the Inspector.
saturdays and sundays and holidays excluded

All that being said
remember..willthis be the only job you'll will ever do in this town?
don't set fire to a bridge you might need to cross someother time.
the town of clinton has more bars per capita than anyother town in mass,,,buy the guy a beer!!!even if he doesn't accept be nice about it

the later is my advise..good luck


[This message has been edited by HIGHVOLTAGE (edited 05-31-2002).]

#10142 06/02/02 01:54 AM
Joined: Dec 2001
Posts: 300
80.19 (F)(1) Upon completion of any installation of electrical equipment that has been made under a permit other than an annual permit, it SHALL BE the duty of the person, firm or corporation making the installation to notify the electrical inspector having jurisdiction
It could easily be argued that the GC is the firm or corporation making the installation even if he hired the work done.

Can the owner or secretary of Sparks Electric call or does their exact employee that "made the installation" have to be the one that calls.

GC is responsible for the whole job. It's silly to not let him call for inspections whether the individual trades are available or not.

#10143 06/02/02 08:22 PM
Joined: Feb 2002
Posts: 38
1,,Yes , the secretary can call, provided she works for the EC
2,, Yes it could be argued , but one that most likely be lost as easily as started
3,, the GC is NOT making the installation, the EC is.

4,,I would think It is the GC's Responsibilty to make sure the EC made the appointment , if time was a big issue here

#10144 06/02/02 08:46 PM
Joined: Nov 2001
Posts: 280
In our area the GC got the response that our inspectors would give. The EC is responsible for his own permits and calling them in.
However, this is a courtesey done for the ECs, it is not a written law, as a matter of fact the owner can call for an inspection, because it is his property.
In this case I would suspect that the Electrical inspector would want to speak to the EC, before going out there to the jobsite. Of course you would not call in a permit without justification but the inspector doesnt know that and normally the EC will call in his own permit.
I am wondering if there isnt other issues involved here between the GC and the Electrical Contractor. To be impartial I would want to hear what the EC has to say too.


#10145 06/03/02 06:47 AM
Joined: Jun 2001
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In the area i work only the EC or a designated can call for inspection. Too many GCs abused the old system when they were allowed to call for any inspection. Usally some one for the GCs office would call for inspections based on thier schedule reguardless of work status. Too many times, inspectors would arrive on job site when job was not ready.
A few bad apples caused the current policy and caused a number of inspectors to be blunt when they tell you no.

#10146 06/03/02 02:08 PM
Joined: Apr 2002
Posts: 2,527

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