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#100930 01/22/07 09:43 PM
Joined: Mar 2004
Posts: 26
I am working in a house that has 2 large master closets. About 16'x 12'.The owner does'nt want flourscent lighting. She wants cans with black baffel trim and r40 blubs. But won't I need to install shower trims so that there isn't an exposed bulb. These can lay out just like the would if it were a kitchen. About 3' away from the wall all the way around. Hope this make sence.

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#100931 01/22/07 09:51 PM
Joined: Jun 2005
Posts: 821
A closet is a closet is a closet. The black baffle trim there will not pass a final inspection. I hate to say this, but... put in the required trims for inspection, inform the homeowner of the fire danger that exists, then after inspection put in the baffle trims. Most homeowners after hearing the words "fire" and "closet lights" will opt to do the right thing and use the proper trim for a closet recessed light.

#100932 01/22/07 09:59 PM
Joined: Mar 2004
Posts: 26
I could understand if these closet were like an coat closet in a hallway. But these closet have 11' ceilings. You would think these thing were bedrooms if you saw them before the clothes rod go in. As many cans as she wants I may need to talk her into flourscent wraps. Shower trims are a little to pricey.

#100933 01/23/07 05:58 AM
Joined: Jan 2003
Posts: 4,391
I hate to say this, but... put in the required trims for inspection, inform the homeowner of the fire danger that exists, then after inspection put in the baffle trims.

We absolutely can not condone or recommend this type of action.

This is a very unprofessional recommendation.

Bob Badger
Construction & Maintenance Electrician
#100934 01/23/07 09:37 AM
Joined: May 2005
Posts: 984
Likes: 1
First, I'd try to educate her about the fire danger. However, she sounds unable to understand that she just might be wrong about something. Then I'd probably just put in what she wants and let the local Inspector knock them down.

If I wanted to maintain my credibility with the AHJ for doing quality work, I'd find a quiet way of letting him know that I knew that it wasn't right but that's what I was told to install. I'd also see if I couldn't give him a backdoor hint so that he wouldn't miss it on Final.

Also, IMHO, Iwire's right on.

#100935 01/23/07 10:36 AM
Joined: Jun 2005
Posts: 821
Bob, what would you do in this situation?

#100936 01/23/07 10:55 AM
Joined: Oct 2002
Posts: 482
Just recently, I ran into the same situation and tried ghost307's approach - I just put them in and waited for the axe to fall on inspection - but it didn't work out that way.

It's an 8'X 14' walk-in closet (bigger than some of the apartments I've lived in!) and he wanted 3 cans long-ways up the middle. I did the speach, but it "had to match the rest of the house". OK, I'll let the inspector provide the motivation - right?

During final, the inspector looked right at them and continued without taking any notes, so I actually pulled him aside and inquired. His take on the deal was that the lamps did not present a fire risk, as they were on a 10' lid and up the middle, well away from the (completely boxed in) clothes cabinets, and they were also recessed.

I was left scratching my head, although this did make a certain amount of sense. I know that keyless sockets are a definate no-no, but are incandescent lamps specifically mentioned in the code?

#100937 01/23/07 11:39 AM
Joined: Feb 2002
Posts: 375
A closet is not a closet is not a closet.

We are supposed to be professionals. In part, that means that we are aware of "closet fire hazards" and we are able to make decisions as to if such a hazard exists or not.

I see no hazard in this case.

#100938 01/23/07 12:09 PM
Joined: Jan 2005
Posts: 5,462
Likes: 3
Cat Servant
Put in baffle trims, with CFL R-40 style lights. You'll likely not have anyone notice, and all will be happy.

#100939 01/23/07 01:18 PM
Joined: Jul 2002
Posts: 717
I suggest you do not let a stubburn woman woman force you to install anything not up to code. Show her an illustration of the pertaining code from the NEC handbook or from a Mike Holt book. I bet she wears a seatbelt when she drives around, because the law says so and she doesn't like getting tickets. I bet she has a driver's license. I bet she pays taxes. I bet she stops for red lights. Why let her break the law, just cause she wants something that is clearly against it?

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