I just think this "hospital" thing has gained a life of it's own, far beyond any reasonable safety issue. It makes perfect sense when we are talking about things where they shave you, put on paste and attach electrodes or open you up and stick things in your body but some of the incidental contact you have with the various machines in a doctor's office are no more hazardous than the barber's clippers or the handle on a slot machine.
I saw a big deal made about "hospital grade" stuff made in a dentist office and virtually everything there was air or water powered. The only electrical things I saw were the light that the patient never touches and the Xray, which was all plastic on the outside.

I was just the "bank inspector" so I was just an observer. The EC ended up ripping out drywall to put in medical grade AC replacing the MC he had used for a receptacle that a PC was going to be plugged into. The PC plug did not have a green dot on it.

Greg Fretwell