Ok scenario. Outside A/C whip stubs outside of wall.
For speed, ease, and less cost we do the ugly but it works carflex overtop the romex and straight into the wall into the disconnect. We had been doing this very commonly, it was SOP for my company. To give you scope we do 5 counties, 130 electrical employes (Not including wharehouse, office etc...) and perform work for several different large builders...

Well one day here I am in local Osceola county, FL and this dink inspector (Not because he is an inspector, because he is a dink) tells me that I can't do that because Romex isn't rated to be outside... WELL it's protected by Carflex!!!
Can't tell me Romex isn't rated for use in Carflex look at the disposal.
Romex inside carflex is ok for the disposal, is under the sink considered a damp enviroment or because of the possibility of a leak a wet enviroment?

This has frusted the crap out of me requiring us to bellbox right ontop of the whip then THHN rest of the way.
Then again this guy also failed us because we didn't have our stupid sticker on the panel that says "Joes Electric/ (555) 555-1234".

Any idea is this just a mis-interupitation of the code or is every other inspector we've every ran into just overlooking it?
Heck one inspector was so strict he required me and my helper to be present any time we worked live or inside a main panel.