I am assisting in moving a machine shop into a new to us building. The building service is 1200A 240V Delta with a center-tapped phase.

All subpanels located on perimeter walls have only 4 conductors run to them. The 3 phases and the neutral. I am concerned about a lack of grounded Earth conductor. All of the subpanel feeders appear to be run thru EMT buried in or below the concrete slab floor. The building is corrugated metal on a steel I beam frame. The bases of the I Beams are sitting on the foundation walls. I do not see any bonding jumpers from the steel to earth, and only at the building's main CB do I find some sort of bonding jumper.

ASSUMING the neutral is bonded to the building steel, is it OK to install the listed ground bars for the subpanels and bond them to the EMT coming out of the concrete and also to the building steel?

I have been told that the job will not be inspected. Never the less, I am pushing to do the job right.