Vt was subjected to AFCI's in the 99' cycle

we had virtually no info, although many of us wrote UL , or sought spec's through whatever channels we could

nobody gave up anything, all answers were tempered vagarities, even the rep B.F. that posted here did not forward pertinent info

until 210.12 became a national code in the '02

the Marchand & Dini finally forwarded specifics in the Jan/Feb NEC digest....

'the Truth about AFCI's, pt 1 & 2'

they knew they were in at this point, how often does the code backpeddal right?

add to it, that the majority of 02' proposals were roundfiled with the rationale of a 6 yr old....

for those of us that have followed this it was as our own trades enron, we've fallen from grace.

it's just that simple