First, I want to apologize for loosing it with Joe and causing the removal of the previous thread. [Linked Image]

I do not know where to get technical data on the individual AFCIs. I do know that the only basic advantage that an AFCI has over a standard circuit breaker is the "GFI" portion of the circuitry. The GFI portion is set at 30 to 50 mA depending on the manufacturer and it will not start to react to anything until the load current exceeds 75 amperes. UL has the testing requirements that all the standard AFCIs must meet. The circuitry is different for each manufacturer. If you are looking for something from the individual manufacturers, I doubt it will be available.

I don't think any new information has been made available in the last couple of years. I really expect to see a lot of information about the combination type as time passes. [Linked Image]

Charlie Eldridge, Indianapolis Utility Power Guy