Are fasteners required to be listed?

Another thread brought this question up, and I've had an incident in the past that brings up similar questions.

To make a short story long, I had installed a bunch of (deep) handy boxes in a shed for various receptacles and switches. Got a call back several weeks later with the complaint of boxes sparking a carrying-on...

When I get there, I realize my mistake of using hex head 10x1 screws by GreenLee, which have a sharp edge on them and over time was cutting into the conductors. No problem, my bad and all that, I replaced them all with 10x1 panhead screws (still GreenLee) and all was well that ends well.

I guess it comes down to this: Do fasteners have to be listed, and if not, what are the guidelines on what type of fasteners to use?

I, of course, would assume that if any fastener was listed, GreenLee's would be...

Go figure...

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