I am here working on Saturday doing service returns for our programming lab.

We usually get devices back from the customer with the explanation being "broke", "erroneous", "bad", or "erratic", with no other information.

I get one today that says "will not respond". So I open up the box containing the base (keeping in mind these controllers cost around $1500) and I see a large arc flash burn eminating from a capacitor. Hmmmm.

I open the box containing the controller and match the arc flash on the base to the arc flash and melted hole on the controller. Hmmmm.

I was going to write on the service return order that it wouldn't respond because they let the magic smoke out of it, but people do read those things.


I was also thinking about an information request to our service department head reading as follows.

Would not respond to:
A: Aggresive tickeling.
B: Animal sacrifice.
C: C.P.R.
D: Peak time cell phone calls.
E: Flattering comments.

(He has a good sense of humor.)

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