Hi all,

I haven't been browsing the forum in a few days, nor have I been able to receive all my E-Mail - all due to...??? [Linked Image]

My wife's workstation [PC] was beyond snail speed, and the reference of P55C for it's CPU was leaning more towards "Poop" 55 "Cr**" as to the amount of faults, sluggish operation and all that jazz. So I decided to do a full reconfig on it with an additional hard disk as slave. This was on Thursday of last week [11/01].

Got her workstation running better than it ever has run!!! that's the good part!

Went to run AutoCAD on my workstation - bamo!!! Internal Error report! After agreeing with the dialog box that it's a bad thing [only have the "OK" button - not much of an argument can be made here], I get the dreaded "AutoCAD Cannot Continue And Will Be Shut Down" dialog box!!! This is the point of no return! Like after stepping off the cliff, then freefalling!
So I try a few workarounds just to boot AutoCAD up in a basic setup - no hope!

Get discouraged, so I go to my browser to hang out here. Click my premade link - up comes the "Cannot Find Server" dialog box!

Go to check my mail, up comes the "Cannot Find POP mailserver" dialog box!

Now I am Pi**ed!!!

Everything worked fine 1 hour before the AutoCAD crash!!! I had used all applications as usual.

So after endless attempts to force things into submission, my P5's normal speed became less than an 80286 trying to run windows 95!

Needless to say, my workstation entered the pending reconfig project lists!!

It's now up and running better than ever and the apps I installed this time are all that's going on these drives!!! [AKA no cr*p files!].

Next machine to reconfig: the File / Print server! [in case there's a rampant virus which I cannot locate with any virus scanner!].

That's what I have been up to lately!
Kind of like "When It Rains, It Pours" turned into "When It Rains, It's Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Hail and Snow Blizzards"

I don't know exactly what happened, but everything went haywire at once! [I think Siegfried from Kaos may have snuck in here and tweaked my LAN!].

Only good thing[s] from this headache: Backups and Archives of really important Data proved to be #1 stress releif! I can't imagine losing all my Data! [AKA straight jacket time!].

Scott SET

Scott " 35 " Thompson
Just Say NO To Green Eggs And Ham!