I was looking at a list of worldwide plug usage (http://www.kropla.com/electric2.htm) and noticed that several of the Caribbean Islands supposedly use 220 to 240V power on normal NEMA 5-15 American receptacles.

Now, I know some of these lists are somewhat unreliable, so maybe this isn't true. Does anyone know about this?

If it is true, there's the obvious problem of a tourist assuming the outlet is going to be 120V and frying his equipment.

Beyond that though, what about the voltage rating of the device? I'm assuming they use imported U.S. fittings, and all the ones I've ever seen are stamped 125V.

I don't doubt that the devices will handle up to 250V quite safely, but wouldn't such use invalidate UL certification? Do any of these islands accept or require UL-approved devices?

Any ideas?