Yeah, I know it sounds bad, but it's true. All of the sub-panels I've installed were supplied by my employer and I just did the work. Well, I'm just starting out as a self-employed electrician, and could use a little advice on my first real sub-panel job.

Main panel is located at house. Sub-panel will be 120/240 single phase and will be located at well. There will be 300 feet of conduit, with the first 100 feet in IMC, and the final 200 feet terminating at the sub-panel in PVC. The sweep transitioning from the horizontal conduit to vertical into the sub-panel will be rigid so I don't cut a groove in 90 while pulling in the wire.

Pump guy needs a single 2-pole 20A circuit for the main pump, and space for a second 2-pole 20A circuit for future use. The future circuit would be used for a second pump that would pump water from a possible future storage tank to the house. I'll also install a 1-pole 20A for a couple receps and a light. A 50A sub-panel feed should do it. The hots will be #6 and the ground will be #10, but I'm wondering if I can run #8 for the neutral. What code allows downsizing the neutral for a sub-panel?

Sub-panel questions:

IT only needs to be main lug only, as the disconnect is located at the main panel, correct?

I get great prices from this wholesaler who is a GE only shop. Using the fancy GE configuration tool , it appears the TLM612RCU should work well. The future pump might not ever happen, but I'd hate to make them use a quad if they ever did. If I knew it wasn't going to happen, I'd just use a 4/8, like the TL412RT1.

I know I'll need a ground bar at the panel, but will I also need an Equipment Ground Kit? Or is the ground kit only for landing a large quantities of ground wires?

If the first questions weren't bad enough, I really feel stupid amongst you long-timers asking this question. Since my ground between the main and sub panels is #10 stranded, can I also use #10 stranded between the ground rod and the sub-panel, or do I need to use solid, or even a different sized solid? Well casing is PVC, not steel, so there will be no bonding of the well casing.

Thank you for your patience and help.

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