What kind of mil spec cable are you using. I've just finished working for the UK military after nearly 20 years and spent most my time on wiring harnesses, ATE's and torpedos.

After stripping back insulation and braid a ground was attached to the braid using a solder sleeve.

The main problem was strain relief (lack of) in the harnesses which led to failure of not just the grounds but the other conductors as well. Also the solder sleeves would cut into the insulation of the conductors resulting in some very spectacular test failures and incredible rework times. Most cables were well strained between the plugs or sockets cable clamps and the terminal pins.

The most annoying terminations were into Lemo co-axial and tri-axial connectors, especially the FFA.OS series. You had to trim the insulation 10 mil from the end of the cable and leave 4 mil of braid for the gland and then bare the conductors 2-3 mil and solder to mil standard 2000, !*@$£".

Most of the cable we used was manufactured by Raychem and is a right pig to work with.

The connectors used were Hypertac, Raychem, Lemo,ITT-Cannon, Socapex, Thomson-CSF amongst others.

Some of the hypertacs had 150 pins!!!

Hope this helps.