It looks like my commercial work isn't going to happen until next spring. The general hasn't got the foundations in yet, so it looks like it's back to residential work. It was a busy summer, so it's not the usual no-money, cold-days, but rather the "can you give me a free estimate for a $150 job" thing. They're 15 miles away and you know they've called ten other people.

All the tools are organized, I can see my workbench again for the first time in months, and I've played my 10,000th game of Free Cell.

I can always tell it's slow when I get more calls from out-of-work electricians than potential customers. It's also the thing where it feels so much better to be making the big deposits than to sit around waiting for the phone to ring. I usually end up getting depressed.

So...what do you do when it gets slow???