You never said exactly what your violations are?

If you want to work in a new area than you need to find out what is required of the EC. It is not that you have to do that with every little job. Just every little town you work in. Invest your time to get to know the areas you work in or stick to places you know. If you act like an outsider than sometimes the village gives you a harder time.

I beleve it is the EC job to find out what is required of them to have a job aproved. Not make it work and good enough in most places. A failed inspection of the EC work is unprofessional. I have konwn EC to hire less skilled workers that takes many inspections to get it right. The EC could be liable for more than a reinspection fee. What is it worth to the GC to be put behind schedule? Does it give a non-paying customer another reason? What does the HO think when they are told by the inspector that your work is not right? What do they think if you tell them the inspector is wrong? I never did but I might offer a credit back to a good GC if I failed.

The customer should foot the bill. The bill for you to get a copy of the amendments, bond, and other messing with the building department. It should figured in the orignal estomate. It does not matter how small the job is you have to figure in for this.