I searched the archives and couldn't find anything, I thought this was discussed somewhere here before.

If you fail an inspection, do you pay the reinspect fee or tell the GC or HO it is their responibilty? If so how do you justify that to them?

How about the requirement for a bond in different villages? If you forget to include verbage in the proposal that says you are not responsible for fees or any additional items required by the village, how do you explain that to them. They ALWAYS assume you will pick that cost up (as an operating expense I suppose, rather than a job expense).

How about the endless contractor registration fees? The way it is set up on the villages end, they try to make it look like it fee to the EC for the privillage of doing work in the community, and it is hard to convince them otherwise. Even after I have explained it to the GC and he's agreed, I still hear "I registered you in 20 villages last year, cost me $XXXX," like he's doing me a favor.

Or do some of you just suck it up because for the amount of money, find it is good to not give the HO or GC the impression that they will get nickled & dimed to death?