My next wish list item is to move the business out of the garage and basement (which works pretty well on a raised ranch) and into a shop. I'm a one man, one van show at the time but ultimately I want to grow. I've had employees in the past when in business with my brother. Since splitting I've had one long term employee who I got rid of a couple years ago, and lost money.

But I feel so hindered working out of my garage. right now I have the whole thing to the business except for some toddler toys, bike, and whatever left over mess from the last home improvement project. Also having the office at home kills productivity if mama and the kids are home.

I imagine increased productivity and efficiency would offset the increased expense, but I don't know if that is just imagination. The one thing I long for most is to have enough shelf space that parts piles for specific jobs can get set off to the side without getting picked through before it is time to go back. Also I'd like to sort the parts I do have. Then alot of my over buying that, and under buying this would also get under control. As it is now, I'm too unorganized to hire again.

Am I being realistic? Anyone else have any input who has made the leap? Am I thinking about doing this in the right order, or should I hire first?