I’m having an issue with smoke detectors that's making me nuts!!!
In a new home I recently wired one of the locations of smoke detectors appears to be going off at random times (according to the home owner) for no reason that I can tell. All of the smokes are jumped out with 14-3. One in the middle of the chain will go off every once in a while but it will not set the others off with it. The one that started the problem is a smoke / carbon combo and I replaced it along with the wire harness (figuring that it was a bad one) twice. That did not work so I swapped it out with a regular smoke to see if it was in fact detecting carbon, however the smoke goes off occasionally as well. I can't imagine that all 4 smoke / carbon combo's and regular smoke are bad, and if the one goes off, they all should, but that is not happening.
Has anyone else run into this??? If so, what did you do????