I'm glad there are so many guys with safety awareness in here.

At a newly installed garden pavillion in my Uncle's garden, there were 3 Light fixtures (metal baseplate and curved white glass cover). These could be reached by their 7yr old boy, and it happened one glass got smashed by a ball and fell down. What i saw made me want to kick this electricians butt very hard. GND wire (insulated in Germany) was just folded 180 degrees and left unconnected, next to a virgin base ground screw.
Now what time or work did the idiot save by not connecting the wire? and what did he have in his brain besides %ยง~*, seeing this kid run around.

I always think misrating circuit fuses, loose connections ect may not happen, but they can. but no ground may never ever happen. DIYers may think light works, so why connect this one, but electricians bring shame on their business doing such bodge.

Assuring the gnd is intact is in an emergecy easy as holding a neon lamp phase test scrwdriver and touching a metal part of the appliance to see if there is GND connection.

Didnt the electrician at the fair have to measure for correct voltages and gnd before giving his OK to run ?

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