You gotta be %^@#^$ kidding me!!!! [Linked Image] [Linked Image]

A FORTY year lineman??? You cannot convince me that this guy knew for one second that this contraption had a green wire for no reason!!! Anyone who's been involved in either side (electrician or lineman) picks up things about the other side of the trade naturally, as we come in contact with each other for numerous different functions.... For cryin out loud, My mother knows what the friggin green wire does! Connection of this thing without a disconnecting/overcurrent protecting means should've rang a bell in this guys head also! It sounds almost like he hooked up an SO cord to a power pole!

A couple weeks ago I had a similar task handed to me by a friend & his wife for a school carnival (the wife is PTA president)
I inspected where I was going to hook everything into.. (2-225A 208Y120V Siemens subpanels which normally feed classrooms & cafeteria) Told her to get me power requirements from each ride owner beforehand, & inform the ride operators that if they're equiptment was in any disrepair, fix it or don't show!.. Anyways, I ran spider boxes for all the 120V stuff, GFI breakers in the spiders... & the PTA paid for 30 & 50A GFI breakers for the larger rides... A couple rides would not allow the GFI to reset & I told them they have problems with their equiptment & they need to get it straightened out.. (They werent happy to say the least) one of em had neutral & ground bonded together in a control cabinet..

But guess what, everyone had a good time & everyone went home at the end of the night! [Linked Image] One thing I've learned is whenever kids & electricity come together.. expect ANYTHING!!!