For those who may be interested ... I have become involved with a few who have started a new inspection company. Our goal is SERVICE!!

We (I have been in the field for 25+ years) are going to try to help the EC relieve some of the inspection process anxiety.
1. The contractors can call an office 'person' for 10 hours during the day to schedule an appointment.
2. We will carry nextells and any EC can direct connect us during the day.
3. We will gaurrentee an inspection within 24 hours of the call, and have emergency services
4. If our schedule is interrupted, we will call the EC to reschedule.
5. We have a 'board' to make decisions, including decisions for rude or obnoxious inspectors. - there will be no repurcussions for ECs who may challenge a decision.
6. Gratuities are not permitted!!! - we are going to substantially increase the pay of the inspectors to help this problem.
7. The inspectors are required to attend a code class at least once a month. This same education will be offered to the men in the field - we are going to reduce if not eliminate "not in my territory"
8. We are offering to the building departments the same education (they are very receptive about this) and electrical plan review - so as to try and eliminate poor electrical prints that seem to have invaded our industry.
9. The EC can call before work (7 am) to schedule with an inspector - so he can schedule his day.

we know there will be some bumps, but we and the contractors will work them out.

We are doing more than that, for starters - what do you think?


Pierre Belarge