Scott I was wondering what this thread was about when I saw it go up with your name on it.

After reading it I could not agree more, I work for a large company so I could take the "what do I care I am paid by the hour" attitude, but I hate sitting in the van waiting for the inspector and for those people that run their own business this must be absolutely maddening.

....."Oh, he didn't come in today"; re-schedule

Been there many times.

I know inspectors have a tough job and many times the budgets for that department have been cut to less than minimum.

That said the ones that have been in civil service too long seem to forget that tomorrow is not just another day for us in the trade, tomorrow is another job in another town and the day after that etc.

Fire Dept's. are the worst for this and I am not talking about them going on runs, they are easily distracted by many mundane things and do not care in the least that you are waiting.

I listen to the scanner in my town and hear the talk between the Fire Alarm service truck (59) and the station.

Station: Truck 59 Joe Contractor just called he is still waiting at box 570 for a scheduled disconnect.

Truck 59: Tell that %*$ #@&^ I will get there when I get there.

Sorry I just wanted to blow off some steam.


Bob Badger
Construction & Maintenance Electrician