I can agree with you on the "get there when he gets there" replys, we get some of that here also. A few times, get to job 8:00 sit 'till 3:45.....call town....."Oh, he didn't come in today"; re-schedule.

I can say that some AHJ's will give you a 'window' (9-10AM etc)

With my AHJ 'hat' on (P/T position), the EC's call my line, by 8AM, and I give a window, and do my best to get there.

Here in NJ, the responsibility to have all inspections IS the EC's, not the owner, GC, 'kitchen guy', etc. Failing to obtain inspections in a timely manner can result in a "Professional Mis-conduct" appearance before the Board of Examiners, leading to a $$$ fine and a possible suspension.

BTW, I just heard of a memo from the State (NJ) that the $$$ fine for working without a valid permit (Elec, Plumb, Building, Fire) IS NOW $ 2000.00 instead of $ 500. Seems like the 'caught' people consider $ 500 a cost of doing business, and readily pay the fines.......so, the Gov. got smarter!!