I have an older apartment and the existing metering area has been stolen. It's 32 units, plus a house meter. 33 Meters total, 1600 amps. Single phase.

The feed into the building is copper busbars ran into the building and into a enclosure. I'd like to tap off this to feed everything but more about this in a minute.

The first order of business is the meter design. The GE supplier sent me this... It's a 1600A Switch and 33 Meter Stacks all on the right side.
[Linked Image from i.imgur.com]
The problem I see with this is the Meter Stack busbar is rated 800A. I don't see how they can say this is rated for the 1600A when it's going through Meter Stacks rated at 800A.

To me it looks like the Switch needs to go in the middle then 16 Meter Stacks to the left & 17 Meter Stacks to the right.

The problem with the Switch in the middle is how to feed it. I have no room for the 4 - 3" conduits required to go from the Feed box to this Switch. I would need a custom Busbar Trough (this the correct term?) to connect the the Feed box to the Switch.

Does this sound right to you and do we know anyone near Michigan that can make custom Busbar Troughs?


To be clear, I know I'm a bit over my head with this one. smile

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