I want to dive a bit deeper into 250.124(A) (NEC2017)
Here is the actual code:
Separable Connections. Separable connections such as those provided in drawout equipment or attachment plugs and mating connectors and receptacles shall provide for first-make, last-break of the equipment grounding conductor.
First-make, last-break shall not be required where interlocked equipment, plugs, receptacles, and connectors preclude energization without grounding continuity.

Here's the question, and answer, from my course practice test:
"Equipment grounding on a cord and plug connection has to be shorter than the neutral pin for safety."
Answer: "No  250.124.A"

Am I correct in understanding the code language that this answer of 'No' (or False) is specifically referring to the second sentence of 250.124(A)?
If so, how do 'cord and plug connections' 'preclude energization without grounding continuity'?
I mean, we could be talking about simple extension cords here, yes? You can cut off the ground terminal and the two ungrounded conductors still have an electrical path when plugged in.

What am I missing?


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