Same 4 plex on the beach. I was over there today with the electrician and we were talking about the FEMA flood height. For you beach guys, what equipment is allowed to be below the flood elevation? (16.5' above grade here)
They are still waiting for a ruling from Ft Myers Beach. He thinks the last time they gave him an opinion, the service disconnect was OK at grade but all of the distribution panels needed to be above "flood". They allowed one switch for lighting but the luminaires needed to be above flood. No receptacles at grade. I am not sure what to do about 210.52(G)(1)
The pool equipment is at grade.

OTOH the next island over does not seem to have any of these rules.

The NEC really seems to be somewhat silent about this. I suppose you could look at 682 but then it looks like we would be looking for a 6r Service Disconnect.

Greg Fretwell