Has anyone had a violation for using a 'from-to' on any type of cable to a raceway?

I know quite a few 'nit pickers', and to the best of my knowledge, they have not touched this issue. The 'field created from-to' was a red tag item for a while, but that issue subsided with the listed items being available.

(That subject was beaten unmercifully on this and other trade forums, and was a 'topic' at CEU seminars)

Tesla referenced 'rolling on' for the conductor ID. Fact is that a mfg plant here uses a form of laser printing, and has for quite a few years. That facility runs 16Ga to 750KCMil building wire (no cable) with 90%+ being THHN/THWN, THHN/THWN-2. It is an interesting plant to take a .05cent tour.

Yesterday, I pulled the conductors from HCF MC, and it sure looks and feels like THHN/THWN.

I also had a sample piece of MC with the #10AL bond wire that was a 'fad' item; the neutral conductor was marked with..... (fill in Fri AM)

I, for one would not have any issue with the trade practice of using a 'from-to' cable to raceway.