Working on some load calcs for a group of multi family dwellings. Each building has 6 small units @690 square feet each. The hot water, cooking and heat(wall furnaces with no fans) are all gas. The cooling is evaporative. I am figuring in a laundry circuit per unit as everyone has a clothes washer on the back porch. So at 690 Sq ft with 2 SABC and 1 laundry I get 4,250 VA after the deduction, plus the full 1,320 VA for the evaporative cooler for a total of 5,570 VA per unit, or 23.2 amps.

For the service I get 41,340 VA X .44 (220.84) for a total of 18,603 VA or 77.5 amps.

Have not done calcs for multi family so just putting this out there to make sure this is correct. Presently these units each have a single 20 amp circuit. We are proposing 2 SABC, 1 laundry, 1 cooling, 1 bath and 1 more lighting circuit in addition to the original circuit.