In Massachusetts it must be promulgated. You can't just change the scope of a regulation without due process. NFPA 70 is adopted in Massachusetts as the Massachusetts Electrical Code... 527 CMR 12 and it isn't enforceable until signed by the Secretary of State.

Here is what they say about Errata...

950 CMR 20.01 states that “Any change in text would be considered a change in regulations
so as to require compliance with M.G.L. c. 30A”, and M.G.L. c. 30A does not provide a process for
the correction of nonsubstantial typographical or mechanical errors. The Regulations Division will
publish a Notice of Correction to reissue a CMR page when such typographical or mechanical errors
occur. (The Notice of Correction form must be attested by an authorized person from the agency.)
An agency should be able to prove that the error is in fact clerical and does not change the focus of
what was the subject of public review. It is the responsibility of an agency to proof-read the “draft”
pages provided to them by the Regulations Division. Corrections should be made on the “draft” copy
prior to publication in the Register.

Massachusetts does have provisions for Emergency regulations and they are for something that is dangerous. They go into effect right away but only for 3-months. During the 3-months the Emergency regulation must be vetted to support its action. If it passes this process it will be permanent when signed by the Secretary of State.

George...I would check with your State. I suspect they follow a similar process. This is the USA and rules and laws must follow due process with public input.