I checked outside pole lighting that is not working. I'm not getting 120 volts down to the coil on a 3 phase 480 volt contactor. There is an over-ride switch that over-rides the photo cell. I get voltage through another set of relays ( called unlock relay on the j box cover) down to a set of N/O contacts on the contactor. But it is not going through the contactor contacts to the coil. I know I'm missing something somewhere, because there is another contactor that is right beside this one and it is working, but when I measure for voltage on that coil, I'm not getting but around 74 volts. I measure to ground from each of the terminals and still do not get any reliable voltage, yet the coil is pulled in. Am I going crazy?? Coil pulls in but no voltage reading on the coil. I check my meter on the line side of 480 volts and, yes, my meter is working. It looks like on the contactor that is working, they have a jumper from another j box to a neutral wire, bring a neutral straight to one side of the coil. It is a Westinghouse A202K3CAMP2 lighting contactor. I've tried to pull it up on the net and can't find it. One of my supply houses said that Cutler Hammer bought out Westinghouse. Pretting obvious I'm a little dark on the operation of this kind of contactor. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks again.. Steve