I am at a quandary, do I pull a #10 grounding conductor in my 1/2" EMT and exceed my wire fill by .0084 in2 or use my raceway as the grounding means?

Here is the scenario I have roughed in a raceway to my utility room with 1/2" EMT to feed a 240V 30A dryer(4 qty #10's w/grounding)120V 20A washer(2 qty #12's ) and a 120V 15A (2 qty #14"s) gen. use ckt. However after doing calculations per table 5 and table 1 I see that I have exceeded conduit fill by .0084

Calc thhn Tbl 5:
#10 .0211*4=.0844
#12 .0133*2=.0266
#14 .0194*2=.0194
.1304 in2

TBL 1: 40% .122 in2

My code question:
Is it code compliant to use raceway as grounding conductor per 250.118 from a jbox which is bonded with a #10(romex) grounding conductor to my dryer/washer/gen use jbox? If it is legal should I consider pulling #10 grounding and exceed fill by .0084 in2(I am only asking for best advice--not approval to violate code)Also am I forgetting that washer and dry may be considered non linear(are they)? Leaving interpretation weather gen use could also be a non linear load(IE. computer plugged in)which would throw the calcs out because I would have 7 current carrying conductors.

Whew...I know this is a long post, appreciate the input.

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