Watch out for over-torquing: striped threads are no fun.

It has been my experience that the troops over-torque circuit breakers to the point of needing to replace the set screws or even the breaker. ( Manufacturers will not warranty field disassembled and re-fabricated breakers. )

I personally torque down all bussing at the MSB -- and subsequently Meg it out. Megging catches dropped fasteners.

When my troops screw up they never admit it, usually, so I have to verify everything.


Famously, years ago, a sloppy crew installed a MSB upgrade in quarters so tight that it had to be disassembled and constructed in place.

Six months later it blew-up in a complete arc blast: the boyz never properly torqued down the bussing. The customer recalled that it was really buzzing before it blew. Naturally, the EC was not called until it was a complete disaster.

So, yes, torque down the bus and breakers.