Yes, we still have "laundry rooms." though 'out west' there is a tendency to place the laundry equipment in the garage.

The challenge is that we no longer have any location "central" to the water use, and the distances the pipes run has grown quite a bit over the years.

For example, yesterday's job was a house whose floor plan sort of resembled the letter "F." Bedrooms were in the base of the "F," and the top left part. The kitchen was the top right. The garage the middle "bar." It's almost as if they wanted things to be as far apart as possible.

Another common design these days is the "O", or courtyard design. In this arrangement, one side is a massive garage (imagine it at 6:00) most bedrooms would be at 11:00, with a guest suite at 3:00, and the kitchen/ laundry at 7:00.

Kind of makes you miss the traditional ranch style home.