Ok ,First priority was to get the power back on and had to do the 11kV switching to close open point switches and get the power back on in the affected area. The faultman was doing the western part while i did the northern part in liasion with the control room. Power restoration was achieved at around 1800 hrs.

We decided to work out a plan and get materials organised and attack the TX job tomorrow.

In the street where the OH wires melted, an upgrade project was being done but fuses were removed and replaced with knifelinks. The poor old 400 Volt supply from a neighbouring substation was backfeeding the LV supply on the outage which of course caused the wiring insulation to melt , some conductors came down, and local customers saw glowing wires sparking at the poles. About 7 spans were directly affected here.

The reason why to use fuses is obvious here, in this case the wires acted as fuses and succombed.
Luckily no one was injured here and line crews are temporary resagging the stretched lines here and redo terminations for now. These lines will need to be replaced in the new year.

Some photo's will follow in the next couple of days

Regards for now, 32 minutes till the New Year.
Cheers, Raymond

The product of rotation, excitation and flux produces electricty.