I signed onto my XP machine last weekend and the screen was sideways, with the top on the right side. i had never seen such a thing and wondered if any malware or virus could be the cause. I called my co-worker and certified Windows expert friend. He had never heard of this but said he would make some calls. I got off the phone and onto Google and hit pay dirt. I learned that with XP, Ctrl+Alt+ an arrow key, flips the screen any way you want it. I called my friend to let him know and asked if he thought it would work on Vista or 2000.

Now this is the part that has me really confused. It didn't work on a single machine at work, including the XP machines. I checked with a few others who run XP and no luck there either. So now I would like to know how many of you can flip your screens this way??? If you can, what OS do you use? Might this be a command that only works with specific video cards and/or drivers?