Found another oddball Hubbell duplex outlet. One face has the "Australian" style craw foot 3 prong outlet 10A@250V. That face didn't get a pie thrown at it, just got painted... [Linked Image] The other face has a "Twin T" pattern that will accept a regular 2 prong 110V plug. The two faces are internally strapped together. The other picture shows an early adapter to go from 2 prong to the "Australian" 3 prong plug. Made by Eagle. 10A@250V or 15A@125V.

I remember seeing in the laundry room of my dorm in college these craw foot outlets provided for the washing machines. Dorm was built in about 1952. Well, the washing machines were replaced with newer ones that came with the usual modern 3 prong plugs. The laundry machine company installer person didn't bother to have the outlets changed, he just took his pliers and squashed the grounding pin flat and twisted the neutral and hot pins to make it fit the outlets...

Considering the brearucracy of the college, it probably would have taken months for them to get to it. The old machines were probably gone before the new machines showed up and this problem appeared; else he should have swapped the power cords on them. Or make up adapter extension cords. Maybe not, his boss might have said to get it done fast. And mangle the new plugs. I was there in 1977.

- wa2ise
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