"Wadsworth" Fusible Panelboard's Bus Kit

Attached image shows another Fusible Bus Kit recently removed from a Residential location as part of a Service Upgrade.

This Kit is Manufactured under the "Wadsworth" name, and uses Fuses exclusively.

Below is a compiled page of images:

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Image #1: "Wadsworth" Fusible Panelboard's Bus Kit

Details on this Bus Kit:

120/240 VAC 1Ø 3W. 60 Amps Max. Maximum of Six (6) Poles.

Bus Kit contains a "Pull-Out" type Fusible Disconnect - located at the top of the Kit (large Black Rectangle).
Inside the Pull-Out are (existing) Two (2) 35 Amp 250 VAC Cartridge Fuses (Non-Rejection Type), similar to the "NON" line of One-Time Fuses.
These Guys are named "Royal-Noark", made by Royal Electric Co. Inc. Pawtucket, Rhode Island.

Branch Circuits are protected by the commonly used of the era "Edison Base" Fuses.
As shown here (existing), each Branch Circuit has a 30 Amp Fuse, which are type "TL", manufactured by "Buss / Tron".
All Six Fuses appear to be the same age, and are covering some well arced Screwshell Sockets!

Should be finding more Antique stuff here and there, so I'll add as they appear.


Posted 04/22/2004

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