This is a rather interesting point that you raise here.
It makes me wonder, looking from the outside in
(I'm in NZ), why there is not a single Nation-wide measure of basic Electrical Competence, in the US?.
Say in the form of a certificate or a card after having sat a Practical test on simple things like LOTO and using Test Gear.
We've used a system like that for a few years now, here and it gives an employer an instant idea of how competent his prospective staff are.
No card, no start work, simple as that.
Just because a person is "qualified" doesn't make them "competent" to work on all equipment. Too often persons that might otherwise be "qualified" get in over their heads working on equipment that they have not been trained to service. This happens way too often, particularly with facilities maintenance staff.
Yes, this too is a good point, I've been in this situation before, you can't know how everything in a plant works and it is not a nice feeling to repair a piece of equipment you've never even seen before, let alone worked on.

Sorry to keep beating this, but its not quite dead yet (to me anyway)!
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