Sorry to actually thread-jack you. [Linked Image]
I have very strong views on firearms ownership.
It is one thing that has been hard fought for and won here.
However, I would like this thread to get back onto topic.
I think to a degree Paul, there will be those that will like the new regulations (ie: those that made them), some that will follow them (ie: mainly out of fear) and the rest of them like most people (ie: couldn't give a monkey's), that will not recognise them at all.
People don't like being told what to do, especially when they pay them people to work out "Solutions" for them.
I'm working on a paper for the Energy Safety Service here, which I'll go into in another thread.
But, it seems to be only the timid people that get away with most things, anyone that questions anything, surely has to be suspect.
BTW Paul, you've got far too many computers at your house, I'm sure Homeland Security would like to know about them. [Linked Image]
Apparently Osama uses XP so you are pretty safe.
I'd better back my files up. [Linked Image]