I was still resident UK when the post-Dunblane legislation was passed. While having total sympathy for the families of all those murdered children, this was in retrospect a knee-jerk reaction law. Like many shooters, I sadly said goodbye to my guns. The perpetrator was of course a registered and certificated gun-holder, but the police failed to check him out properly, he had previous violence and instability records. Well, what's done is done, but the fact is gun-crime in the UK has flourished in the years since Dunblane. Respectable shooters are denied their bit of sport, while the real crooks pot themselves, the public and our largely unarmed constabulary with seeming impunity, using illegal weapons. Let's face it, as a gangster, you were going to register your weapons? On the economic side, we never got a fraction of the real value of our guns, which were in large part accurate target pieces, not Saturday Night Specials drilled out from replicas. A friend is still waiting for money for a good pistol- the compensation bureau is, as usual with Government, a total bloody shambles, run by cretins.

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I've heard that many serious shooters do indeed use French gun club facilities. As to myself, I shan't start again.

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