Contrast with gun laws here. A mate has converted a swamp on his land to a nice little carp lake with a dam. As the digger was working, we noticed a sweet-looking little animal, looking a bit like an otter, pottering about in the rising water. Turned out to be a rangondin, alias a N. American musk-rat, on the run from a fur farm. She invited the neighborhood escape committee to join her and a few weeks later Ron fell into an enormous hole when the bank collapsed! These varmints only eat grass, tunnel all summer like navvies undermining the banks, are practically impossible to trap, and their only enemies are the French, intent on a nice fricasee de rangondin for lunch! So Ron went up to town and bought a carbine, telescopic sights and 100 rounds of 22 cal. long-rifle ammo. Eventuallly, a laconic Gendarme called and asked if Ron wouldn't mind awfully popping into the Gendarmerie, when he had a minute, to fill in a form!

Wood work but can't!