Those ventilation requirements struck me as silly too. Energy conservation is one thing,but almost hermetically sealing our homes is just ridiculous, especially when you then need to specify forced ventilation to compensate! [Linked Image]

Off on a tangent slightly, but about 15 years ago I did a full install for an apartment which was constructed in the space of an old storage warehouse behind a High St. shop. By necessity, the bathroom had no windows, so it needed an exhaust fan.

The local building inspector's notes for the project insisted that we should install the time-delay type and that the overrun should be set to a minimum of 15 minutes!
I tried to point out that having the fan run for that long every time somebody just popped in there for a minute to.... well, you know.... was rather excessive, especially at night when the fan would then be quite audible in the adjoining bedroom.

The reply was that it was necessary for when the shower or bathtub were used. Well, it seemed to me (and still does) that 15 minutes is still excessive. As there was no natural light in the room, the fan would be running with the light the whole time somebody was in there. And when you get out of the tub, it takes a while to get dried and dressed, so the fan will still be running then to clear the air.
In the end, the 15-minute requirement was pretty daft anyway, as all anybody would have to do is take the cover off the fan and turn the timer adjustment down to something more practical. In fact that's exactly what happened long before the occupier even moved in -- I think I left it set at about 2 minutes. If it had been entirely up to me, I would have wired the fan on a completely separate switch. (And I'm still doubtful as to whether the inspector had any legal basis for trying to apply this stipulation anyway.)

But as has already been mentioned, this workaround of the rules is exactly what will happen. Vents will be blocked, lamps will be replaced, and so on.

Your ingenious gun locker sounds good! Of course, the gun laws in Britain are absolutely draconian nowadays, but I do have a neighbor who legitimately owns a shotgun (he's had a permit for one for decades, having been involved in farming and woodland management). As far as I can gather, the only requirements are that the gun and ammo are kept in a locked steel cabinet. He has a locker inside a wardrobe with a simple padlock on the door.

It's about high time that councils stuck to rubbish collection and other simple such things.
They can't even get that right here. In fact my local district council doesn't even do the refuse collection anymore. They contract it out to private agencies.