I hate to go off on a tangent here guys, but.
(Paul, if you want to delete this it's no worries to me).
I'm a Firearms Owner and I have 5 Rifles and 2 Shot-guns.
I welded up my own Gun Enclosure about 12 years ago, out of 10mm Steel plate.
It has 3x Electric Shot-Bolts holding it closed, if the supply fails, it holds shut.
You have to have 2 people to open the thing because of the distance between the switches.
(one is inside the house, the other is in the shed where the cabinet is)
But, the Police have been around to inspect this set-up and I have had nothing but good words for my inventive-ness(sp?).
I even installed a system for them.
However, the Local Council, has told me that they want my Gun Cabinet removed, because it could entice thieves.
Personally, I'll pay you, if you can open my Gun-Safe, I'll give you NZ$2000, in the hand.
Oddly enough none of the Council Officers have been able to open it either.
With the door shut, you wouldnt even know the thing is there.
It's about high time that councils stuck to rubbish collection and other simple such things.