My reactions to these proposals;-

First, crime: Petty criminals are always one step ahead of us and dumb politicians. Lots of folks have made their houses more secure with good locks, secure windows and some with alarms. Result- the crooks nick your car, lawnmower, plants and anything else left outside, or come in through the roof! The real solution here is more prisons, very long sentences for recidivists and, dare I say it, a good welt with the birch/towse, but that will never happen so we'll have to put up with high crime levels.
Second, Energy Meters: LOL! [Linked Image] [Linked Image] What?!!! They are expecting logical reactions from people who watch 16 hours of soap operas a week and think 'Sunny D' is orange juice?! Pull my other leg, it plays "I Believe" in stereo!
Third, Ventilation: The UK Building Regulations, and the old Parker-Norris Standards of the 1940s have stipulated reasonable, ( not optimal, that's a gale blowing through the house!) ventilation rates for healthy fresh air, based on openable windows area for habitable rooms, for well over 60 years. Taking (?) that these proposals are for 'forced ventilation' whole house by fans, this is utter stupidity. Just as people blocked up their larder vent-bricks and shut the hit-and-miss flaps on modern windows- they will turn the ruddy fans off and ashyxiate themselves, rather than have a 'draught'!
Fourth, Better Insulation and sealing: = more condensation, T.B. etc. - because the fans will be off!
Fifth, Energy efficient lamps: How will you stop people from reverting to cheap filament bulbs once the LE ones blow?

Net result, no change, except higher taxes, more Control Officers, and half decent buildings knocked down and replaced by tacky 21st century slums, because, as Gideon pointed out, extending/renovating already carries a 17.5% VAT penalty, without the added cost of bringing the whole structure up to spec.


Wood work but can't!