UK Crown property, ( a euphamism for Government owned, i.e. not the Queen's private property ), is also not insured, nor is it particulary well protected. When Windsor Castle caught fire in 1992, it transpired that there were no smoke alarms, fire doors or sprinklers. The whole place was stuffed to the attics with priceless public and privately owned works of art, including works by Leonardo da Vinci. The whole Brunswick Tower was destroyed, along with other buildings and the 5 year renovation cost £40 million. The Queen graciously paid £28 million out of her own purse, even though this is a Government building. The point is, why bother to get insurance when the taxpayer or the monarch will foot the bill? The sooner the morons in charge are forced to do what the rest of us accept as responsible actions, the better.
The fire BTY was started by a spotlight igniting some curtains. As to the rest of the proposals, I predict that buildings which could have been renovated or extended will be demolished as 'unviable'. Thus destroying the very energy efficiencies the proposals aim for.

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