I'm getting true ADSL next week, courtesy of Orcon NZ.
Just in the last week or so, the Commerce Commission here in NZ ruled that Telecom NZ's pricing on Broadband access was nothing short of draconian(sp?).
However, in saying that, this is the same Commerce Commission that said that Un-bundling of the Local loop could affect the Telecomunications for all concerned.
Mainly meaning the incumbent Telecom, there is no way at all that they want the system un-bundled, that would mean that thier strong-hold on the system that they have had since the days of the old NZPO would be lost.
I'd like to see the whole thing blown wide open and for Telecom to lose it's monopoly on not only Internet services but for services like International calls and the like.
Oddly enough, the Commerce Commision did call Telecom's pricing for Broad-band (ADSL) out-landish and anti-competitive.
But the thing is about the whole thing guys and maybe kiwi can back me up, TelecomNZ is owned by a lot of overseas Telcos, but I'm not sure that the CEO's of those companies actually realise just what is going on down here.
It would look bad for them, if they realised just how badly we are being screwed here.
I know a lot of very good telecoms tech's that lost thier jobs because they couldn't do an assigned job in the required time.
Most of the management couldn't give a toss.
Please let's not make this a political thing, I just want your opinion. [Linked Image]