Hutch has already mentioned the kettles of up to 3kW that no British kitchen would be seen without, although most of the newer plastic jug-style kettles seem to be more around the 2kW range.

The other appliances in the U.K. which have traditionally had higher ratings have been portable heaters. You could buy single or twin-bar heaters rated at 1 or 2kW, but portable heaters of up to 3kW maximum have been quite common here for many decades. It's said that the 13A rating of BS1363 plugs was chosen specifically to allow appliances of up to 3kW.

Good point about the input power rating of vacuum cleaners. Most people don't understand anything about efficiency and just automatically assume that a 1200W unit will have better suction than an 1000W one.

(I nearly said "suck more", but that could be misinterpreted! [Linked Image]).