Yes C-H,
You're not alone in noticing this trend of increasing nameplate wattages. [Linked Image]
Being a person that used to service/repair a lot of home appliances, it was always interesting to actually have a look at the attached nameplate.
Heaters here are usually rated at the maximum that you can plug into a standard socket-outlet (10A), which gives you 2400W, which is a little worrying, considering that these appliances are invariably made with a plastic body these days.
I've also noticed in the various DIY brochures that turn up in my mailbox, the power tools are actually advertised, with thier power ratings seemingly the most important feature of the tool, what good is a 900W Drill if the user can't handle it?
Vacuum cleaners are really rediculously rated here, I mean a 2200W vacuum, must surely be referring to input power and of course once you've used it a few times, expect the suction to be less!. [Linked Image]