In these days of high speed computers and the like, some of us have forgotten just where it was that we came from.
Although Marconi invented and experimented with the thing, have we lost our roots?.
Out of 100 kids of 8 to 15 years old, only 3 of them could tell the interviewer who actually invented the radio, the rest said it was Bill Gates!.
But I may be a bit biased here being a Radio Ham, but is the radio a dying thing?
In the age now, where you download files of music and so forth off the Net, should the old radio become a relic of the past?
I still build radio's with Valve sections in them and I have trained a number of local Hams here too, with this technology,but I am also up with all the Transistor,CMOS,TTL and other IC technology, no need to be a dinosaur, you know.
I love the sound that comes out of a newly built radio BC-AM or VHF 2m, it gives you a sense of accomplishment.
Something I feel the kids are lacking these days with thier X-boxes and PS2 games machines.
Meanwhile, my old Dreco AM set plays on!.
It's only 80 years old, just a young pup.